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Love on a Budget. Chicago Tribune, 2009:

When serving food, “think of the plate as your canvas,” said Eden Rosenbush, chef and owner of Big Red Oven in Chicago. The food should fill the plate, but neither hide it nor expose too much of it. And keep things in proportion: “Let the shapes and color and textures speak for themselves,” she said.

Big Red Oven’s cooking classes were featured in “Eat Your Homework”, City Guides, 2007.

One Fine Day (On The Town), Chicago Tribune, May, 2006:

I return home to a well-rested, smiling baby, a happy husband and most important, Eden Rosenbush. Rosenbush is a chef who runs Big Red Oven ( or 773-818-6836), a Chicago catering service that goes beyond the usual graduation party/bar mitzvah/bridal shower scene. Big Red Oven will whip up a yummy meal for you and your family (using organic products from local vendors whenever possible) and make more meals for you to freeze for later. Because it’s Mother’s Day (and a fantasy), Rosenbush leaves me a month’s worth of meals.

Sweet Symbols (story on Rosh Hashanah Desserts), Chicago Tribune, 2006:

“Something about the fall season clicks with me, partially because of the Jewish holidays.” said Eden Rosenbush, chef-owner of Big Red Oven, a Chicago catering company.

“My favorite holiday is Rosh Hashanah, followed closely by Thanksgiving,” Rosenbush said. “It feels like the start of something. The beautiful symbols resonate.”

“Who’s cooking? Not you”, Crain’s Chicago Business (article on private chefs, 2005).

Featured Guest Chef on the Sunday Morning News for Chicago’s ABC affiliate. Presented pastry demonstration as part of the station’s “Summer Cooking Series,” July, 2000.

“Cooking for Hanukka”, Chicago Sun-Times, December, 1999.